Brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) has been detected in 47 states and 4 Canadian provinces, posing severe agricultural problems in 10 states and nuisance problems in 21 others. Click on the legend for a description of each category. Click on a state or province in the map below to find state-specific resources, contact information, and news, or to report a sighting of BMSB. The map is also available as a downloadable PDF.

For the distribution of BMSB within individual states, visit the Early Detection & Distribution Mapping System (EDDMapS) at the University of Georgia’s Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health website.

BMSB State-by-State Map

BCBCAB SK MB QC QC QC NB PE NS NSHIMT ND WY SD NV UT CO OK AR LA ON AL AZ FL GA IA ID IL KS MA MI MI MN MO MS SC TN VT WI ME WA NE TX NMCA CT DE IN KY MA NC NH NJ OH RI WV PA OR MD NY VA VA BMSB detected/intercepted Nuisance problems only Agricultural and nuisance problems Severe agricultural and nuisance problems reported

XBMSB detected/intercepted: BMSB detected or intercepted, but no evidence of established populations.
XNuisance problems only: Signifies reproducing populations exist in the state. Generally early stage infestations, usually confined to residential areas.
XAgricultural and nuisance problems: Recurring populations at or below economically damaging levels on agricultural crops, and in residential areas.
XSevere agricultural and nuisance problems: Severe economic damage to susceptible commodities in the absence of control measures, widespread infestations of homes and businesses in the fall/winter.