Where Is BMSB?

BMSB State-by-State Map
As of 2021, brown marmorated stink bug has been detected in 47 states and 4 Canadian provinces.


Brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) has been found in 47 states and 4 Canadian provinces. It has caused greatest crop damage in the mid-Atlantic region. Find out where it’s been detected in each state or, if you believe you’ve found BMSB in your area, report the finding to specialists in your state. Researchers can determine whether a finding is truly BMSB, and they can use your data to track the presence of the pest.

Crops at Risk

Our project team has classified crops according to their risk to BMSB damage.

Host Plants

Entomologists have been observing which plants BMSB typically uses for food and reproduction in its new environment.

BMSB Damage Gallery

Brown marmorated stink bugs feed by inserting their stylets into the fruit, pods, buds, leaves, and stems of plants. View these images to see how injury can manifest itself in different ways.