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  • Larry Gut, Michigan State University
  • Julianna Wilson, Michigan State University

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December 29, 2020 Biological Control of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Targeted by Samurai Wasp

The samurai wasp—a tiny wasp that lays its eggs into the eggs of stink bugs—has made its way to North America. After discovering it in Michigan in 2018, researchers began a program to rear and redistribute more of this important parasitoid in the state. Source: Fruit Growers News, Dec. 29, 2020.

February 1, 2016 Stink Bugs Go Viral

Julianna Wilson, a tree fruit integrator/outreach specialist in the Department of Entomology at MSU, wrote an article asking people to report sightings of the brown marmorated stink bug—and the response was overwhelming. Source: Michigan State University, Jan. 21, 2016.

May 4, 2017 Stink Bugs: New IPM Guide for Midwestern Corn, Soybean Growers

Farmers in the Midwestern United States have been battling increasing infestations from a variety of stink bug species in recent years, and now they have a new free resource for understanding and managing the emerging pests. Source: Entomology Today, May 4, 2017.