Jim Walgenbach

Jim Walgenbach

Professor and Extension Specialist
NC State University
Mountain Horticultural Crops Research and Extension Center
Mills River, NC 28759


Jim Walgenbach has been at NC State University, conducting an applied research and extension program, since 1986. His program focuses on arthropod management of tree fruits and vegetable crops.

In recent years, his research program has focused on:

  • Biology and management of BMSB in North Carolina agroecosystems
  • Acaricide resistance and biological control of twospotted spider mite in vegetables
  • Impact of pesticides on natural enemy populations
  • Improved monitoring systems for tortricid pests of apples and peaches
  • Drip chemigation in vegetable crops
  • Ambrosia beetles attacking apple trees

In his extension work, Walgenbach works closely with extension personnel, growers, and the crop protection industry, with the program objective of expanding the use of new pest-control technology, enhancing the pest-control decision-making process of stakeholders, and implementing IPM programs that are economically viable and minimize risk for pesticide resistance, adverse effects on non-target organisms and the environment, and farmworker safety.


University of Wisconsin: BS (1979), MS (1982), PhD (1984)

BMSB Specialization

Population dynamics, biological control, monitoring systems, insecticidal control

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