Ann Hajek

Ann Hajek

Department of Entomology
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-2601


Ann Hajek has been at Cornell University, teaching and conducting research in invertebrate pathology, biological control, and disease and invasion ecology, since 1994.

She has conducted research in many insect/pathogen systems, but her emphasis has often been insects associated with trees and their fungal (including microsporidia) and viral pathogens and nematode parasites.

In recent years, her research program has focused on:

  • Identity of the microsporidian pathogen infecting BMSB in North America (Nosema maddoxi)
  • Biology and ecology of Nosema maddoxi, with emphasis on its impact on BMSB
  • Development of a fungal biopesticide for control of the invasive Asian longhorned beetles
  • Environmental safety of use of nematodes for biological control of invasive Sirex noctilio woodwasps
  • Long-distance dispersal of infective spores of the fungal pathogen killing gypsy moth in North America
  • Naturally occurring fungal infections in spotted lanternflies in North America and potential use of fungal biopesticides for spotted lanternfly control

In her teaching, Hajek covers several different subjects:

  • The diversity and biology, ecology and evolution of microbes associated with insects (pathogens, symbionts and vectored microbes
  • The ecology and evolution of infectious diseases
  • The general biology and ecology of invasive species and how these can be controlled.

Every other year, she also hosts and co-teaches a short course on invertebrate pathology. Enrollees range from graduate students to people working in government or industry, hailing from national or international locales.


University of California, Davis

University of California, Berkeley BS (1974), MS (1980), PhD (1984)

BMSB Specialization

Investigations of entomopathogens and biological control

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