Managing BMSB

Management Overview

This comprehensive overview provides important background information to implement integrated pest management for the brown marmorated stink bug.

Management by Crop

Download integrated pest management recommendations for brown marmorated stink bug in specialty crops such as orchard fruit, small fruit, and vegetables. The guidance documents provide a synopsis of what researchers have learned so far.

Monitoring Tools

Monitoring and trapping of BMSB could form the basis of a cost-effective and safe control program. Yet mass trapping of BMSB has not yet been shown to be an effective control. Trapping can, however, indicate presence of BMSB and need for intervention.


An attract-and-kill strategy for BMSB would involve luring large numbers of the insects to a specific area, and then treating that area.

Natural Enemies

Researchers are seeking to understand BMSB and its natural enemies, including a group of tiny parasitic wasps that attack BMSB eggs and a naturally occurring fungus that targets stink bugs. A specialized team of researchers from our group is exploring methods of biological control for BMSB.

Organic BMSB Links

Researchers associated with this project have created resources targeted at organic farmers.

Chemical Controls

Project researchers are working to identify insecticides that effectively control BMSB, so that growers can select materials based on their economic and environmental impacts.